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1996 Dr. Chen, Dr. Vichyanond and Dr. Lee discussed the necessities of gathering of Asian Pediatric Allergists at the 2nd APCACI in Taiwan
1997 The meeting for preparing the meeting of Asian Pediatric Allergists was held on April 12, at KAPARD in Seoul, Korea. After that, there were two additional meetings in Seoul, and it was agreed to name the association APAPARI(Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology)
1998 The meeting for the foundation of APAPARI was held on May 13, 1998, at APCACI'98 in Bangkok, Thailand. In this meeting, the name of association and steering committee were established and Dr. Pakit Vichyanond was elected the 1st president of APAPARI. Initial membership included physicians and scientists from 10 countries in the region.
1999 APAPARI meeting was held on July 26 at 2nd Annual Congress of the Malaysian Thoracic Society in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2000 The meeting of the APAPARI executive committee was held on October 18, in Sydney, Australia.
2001 The extraordinary Meeting of APAPARI BOARD was held on June 17, in Bangkok, Thailand.
2002 APAPARI meeting was held on September 20~22, in Tokyo, Japan and Dr. Yoji Ikura was elected the 2nd president of APAPARI in this meeting.
2003 Dr. Sang-il Lee was elected the 3rd President of APAPARI.
2007 Dr. Bee Wah Lee was elected the 4 th President of APAPARI.
2009 Dr. Akihiro Morikawa was elected as the 5th President of APAPARI.
2013 Dr. Gary Wong was elected as the 6th President of APAPARI.
2019 Prof Hugo van Bever was elected the 7th President of APAPARI

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