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Dear Colleague

The Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology is the regional society with the longest history dedicating to the advancement, education and clinical care of pediatric allergic disorders, respiratory and immunological diseases. With the successive leadership and supported by the Board of Directors, we have come a long way since the establishment of the Association in 1997. With the continuing economic improvement in the region, allergic diseases are becoming increasing more common. For allergic and respiratory diseases, Asia certainly is one of the most exciting regions in the world and the disease pattern is different from the usual textbook description because the literature has been dominated by publications from the western world. The health care communities in Asia must equip themselves to provide the best possible care for children suffering from these disorders.

APAPARI has been organizing many educational activities and fostering collaboration and exchanges among members across the region. Our activities have been in collaboration with educational activities organized by various national societies. Our website has been established by the strong efforts of our colleagues from Korea and currently is hosted in Hong Kong. It provides up-to-date information about our society and activities related to our discipline from around the world. Your contribution to the website will be crucial to maintain the value of the site for information dissemination and achieving its educational purpose. We will continue our past efforts and engage in more regional and international activities in the future. With our collaborative efforts, our research findings will provide important scientific data for the understanding and care of allergic, respiratory and immunologic disorders in children around the world.

Gary Wong
President 2013
Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology

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