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Subject : Report of the APPARI Phnom Penh workshop, 20 February 2010
Report of the APPARI workshop Phnom Penh Hotel, 20 February 2010

1. Date: 20 February 2010,
2. Venue: Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
3. Participants: 130 people from all provinces and Phnom Penh capital
4. Speakers: Prof. Hugo Van Bever (Singapore), Dr. Mila Bautista (The Philippines), Dr. Fujisawa (Japan), Prof. Ellis Hon (Hong Kong)
5. Objectives of the workshop:  
1. To update knowledge and skills to health care providers on childhood allergy and asthma
2. To create a forum of exchange of experiences between Cambodian pediatricians with discussion organized by international experts
6. Key activities of the workshop:
1. All participants, lecturers and delegates have arrived and registered at the workshop venue by 8: 30 am. The workshop then starts at 8: 40 with the national anthem.
2. Dr. Eap Tek Chheng, the president of Cambodian Pediatric Association gave his welcome speech to delegates, international lecturers, national participants and colleagues.
3. Prof. Hugo Van Bever, from the National University of Singapore, gave his speech on behalf of APAPARI.
4. Then H.E Prof. Thir Kruy, undersecretary of state, gave his opening speech to the audience, to thanks to international speakers, the delegates, and all participants on behalf of ministry of health.
5. Prof. Hugo Van Bever presented about general introduction of allergy.
6. Then Prof. Fugisawa from Japan, presented about epidemiology, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of asthma in children.
7. Prof. Ellis Hon from Hong Kong, gave his presentation on eczema in children.
8. Then Prof. Hugo gave his presentation of rhinitis in children.
9. Then Dr. Bautista from the Philippines gave her presentation on management of asthma in children.
10. Then Prof. Hugo gave his final presentation on food allergy.
11. Finally, Dr. Eap Tek Chheng, thanks to all international speakers, delegates and all participants to join this workshop and he announce the closing of the workshop.
7. Conclusion:
The 2nd APAPARI workshop is very fruitful. All participants are very interested in learning the new skills, they discussed and exchanged their ideas, their experiences very actively with all international lecturers, and they go back home with key messages on allergy, asthma, eczema and rhinitis in children.
Finally, this workshop bring the international experts to closer to all Cambodian doctors and pediatricians to work together in order to improve quality of care and their practices with sick children having allergic conditions. All participants are very satisfied with the good quality presentations of the four speakers with good pedagogy. They would like to thank all of them for taking times to speak clearly and slowly.

Report writer

Secretary General

Dr. Huong Vuthy
attached file : APAPARI Phnom Penh Workshop Report[1].doc
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