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Total of articles : 5
0-M/ Two Cases of Urticaria Developed by Hemo-Q and Albumax Solution / urticaria [15] Eun Soo Kim, MD,  Byoung Chul Kwon, MD, Sung Yon Choi, MD, Kyu-Earn Kim, MD, Myung Hyun Sohn, MD [2005.03.22]
6-F/ Tracheal bronchus, Right / fever, cough, sputum ( onset : 4 days ago, 2003. 10.4) [1] Ji-Eun Oh, MD, Byong-Kwan Son, MD, Jeong-Hee Kim, MD [2005.03.22]
7-M/ A case of late-diagnosed Mycobacteria tuberculosis due to combined infection with Mycoplasma pneumoniae / fever(onset: 6 days ago), intermittent right chest pain (onset: 20 days ago) [1] Hyun-Joo Jeoung, MD, Joon Hu, MD, Eon-Jin Kim, MD, Soo-Young Lee, MD [2005.03.21]
5-F/ Pulmonary artery sling with tracheal ring / recurrent wheezing, cough for 5 years(aggravation; 2 days ago) [1] Seung Kyu Lee, MD, Young Ho Kim, MD, Hae Ran Lee, MD [2005.03.21]
3-M/ respiratory distress (onset: 15 days ago) [1] Won-Hee Seo, Kang-Mo Ahn, Sang-Il Lee [2005.03.21]

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